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Scott Racing
Scott Racing

Model features

  • Frame material: Steel

Terms and conditions

Requirements for a Motorcycle Rental :

All customers must present a valid national (or international for non EU residents) driving license. Driving a scooter (even a 50cc moped) with car license is not allowed in Greece.

Up to 50cc: a  European driving license AM,A1,A2 or A is required – or international license with endorsement A
up to 125cc: a European driving license A1,A2 or A is required –or  international license with endorsement A
up to 35kw (~300cc): a European driving license A2 or A is required  -or international license with endorsement A
For all  motorbikes: required European driving license A – or international license with endorsement A

If your driving license was issued before 19/01/2013 (for EU residents) or you are in doubt, please e-mail us the image of the back side of your driving card (or driving document).We will inform you about what you are allowed to drive!

We do not accept in any case, provisional licenses, learner permits or temporary licenses.

Booking :

On line bookings starts from 3days and over.

You can make a reservation by completing a rental booking form on our site. Using the on-line booking form or by sending an email, you agree and accept Auto Moto Sport Terms and Conditions as a binding contract between Auto Moto Sport and You.

Once your request is received by us we will send you a written reply (by  e-mail) of availability that includes the services in detail and the amount to be paid. To secure your booking a deposit is required . Once we verify with our bank that the deposit payment has been received, we will send you a written reservation confirmation by email  concerning your booking.

Auto Moto Sport  reserves the right to decline any booking at their discretion.

Reservation Deposit & Payments :

Payments may be made by one of the following ways:

1) PayPal

2) Electronic bank transfer. For electronic transfer, we will notify you of our bank details separately.

3) Credit  Card. Our online card payments are handled by PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account!).

4) Cash on delivery.

The deposit required to secure your booking is equal to at least 25% of the rental value.

Auto Moto Sport has absolutely no obligation to hold the requested motorcycle(s) until the deposit is confirmed. You should not consider that you have reserved a motorcycle unless we send you a written confirmation of your reservation.

The remaining balance of the rental is due and payable on your arrival preferable by cash , during the motorcycle hand-over.


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

The partial Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) limits the driver’s liability in case the rented vehicle is damaged, according to the terms of the rental contract.

Instead of the full cost, the driver is generally liable for the first part, also known as ‘excess’. This cover applies to all designated drivers of the rented vehicle.

Insurance coverage :

Collision damage waiver CDW (full insurance), with 340 Euro insurance initial excess for Groups  (A& B)  Collision damage waiver CDW (full insurance), with 580 Euro insurance initial excess for Groups  (C, D, E ,& K). Collision damage waiver CDW (full insurance), with 890 Euro insurance initial excess for Groups (F, G, H ).

Collision damage waiver CDW (full insurance), with 1700 Euro insurance initial excess for Groups (I, J, J1,L,M & all Baggies ).

Theft Protection  :

Theft insurance, for the Motorcycle is included without extra cost .

Third Party Insurance is included.

Minimum Use of vehicle for a 24 hour period.

In case of problem we offer service all over the island

Unlimited Mileage:

Unlimited mileage are included in our rates.

Taxes :

V.A.T (Value Added Tax) 24% are included in our rates

Top case :

All the Motorcycles are equipped with Luggage rack upon request if needed.


We provide mainly open-faced helmets with visors or no visors, free of charge. Please request your needed helmets with size if possible to avoid any inconvenience. Full face helmets and flip-up helmets are available with an additional rental fee (3 Euro per day) are provided with all motorcycle rentals on request at the Booking form, We encourage you to bring your own helmet for comfort and style.

Rental Period :

There is a 3-day minimum rental required on online motorcycle rentals .

Additional Driver:

One Additional driver is aloud and a valid driver’s license AM,A1,A2 or A is required the extra cost is 5 euros per day

Third Party Liability :

Third Party Liability (TPL) covers a driver’s liability for damage to any other property, apart from the rented vehicle itself. It also covers damages inflicted to other people, who  they were not passengers of the rented vehicle , under the terms of the rental agreement.

Our Prices Include :
Free Delivery & Collection in Crete’s major Ports , Airports and your Hotel

24/7 Roadside Service

Free Cancellation up to 48h before pick-up


Only drivers who are listed in our contracts are insured and allowed to drive our vehicles. 

 In case of damage from concession of the vehicle to any other unauthorized driver  the renter is fully responsible

Traffic Violations, Traffic fines and Administrative fees:

Traffic Fines and administrative fees resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic law during rental period, is exclusively the renter’s responsibility. If the company is not informed during or at the end of the rental period (contract), the violation will be charged to the renter.

Damages caused by  drinking or driving  under the influence of  drugs  are not covered by any insurance.

Everyone must wear a helmet when driving a motorbike in Greece for their safety  it is mandatory by the Greek traffic law ,the fine is 300Euros.

Our vehicles is not allowed to be used for Enduro ,Motocross driving ,races, damages from large rocks  sand  or water. Damages that caused under these circumstances are not covered by any insurance .

The renter is responsible to have always when driving in Greece the following documents ,personal identification, driving license and the rental agreement

For practical reasons all the motorbike related documents are held at our offices. It is the renter’s responsibility to show in any case these documents when required by law.

In case off brake down, damage ,accident or any problem you must inform us immediately. ( We are not responsible in case the renter continuing driving the vehicle after an accident) .

Accidents that involve other people (3rd parties) must be reported also immediately so we can inform the Authorities (in case is necessary) and the Insurance Companies.

If a vehicle is stolen you are covered by our insurance. You must report it and a Police Report is required. You must have the key for the vehicle

Renters are not permitted to use the vehicle to transfer persons for profit or to re-hire the vehicle!

Personal Accident insurance,(PAI): The renter is responsible to have the appropriate Holiday Personal Accident Cover witch include cover for Motorbike rental.

GPS devices for motorcycle rentals  are available at the cost of 8Euros per -day. Subject to availability.  

 Cancelation :If you cancel a reservation 48hour before the rental day is free of charge and in case of deposit the amount will be refund


A reservation is considered Non-Show when:
You want to cancel your Booking but you have not informed us before the agreed rental date

Cancellations by Auto Moto Sport:

We reserve the right to cancel any reservation due to unforeseen-able conditions. Should that occur, the options are:

  1. The transfer of the reservation to an alternative and suitable rental period for the customer
  2. Change of the motorbike model with an alternative model, which may include additional payment or partial refund

        3)    Full refund of money paid.

In case of a reservation is cancelled by Auto Moto Sport, the Company will not be liable for additional costs or losses incurred by the customer due to the cancellation of the rental. This includes, but is not limited to, the cost of prepaid airline tickets, hotel reservations.

Auto Moto Sport is not liable to make refunds once rental commences regardless of the reason for you being unable to complete the rental period.

Auto Moto Sport cannot be made liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions.

Motorcycle Substitution :

Auto Moto Sport reserves the right to substitute the confirmed motorcycle model to the customer. In the unlikely case that we are unable to provide the confirmed motorcycle, a similar or better model will be provided to the customer.

Fair Fuel Policy:
Option 1: Return as Collected
The renter has to return the vehicle with the same level of petrol as delivered. Vehicles delivered during the night (out of office hours), have at least half tank of petrol filled. This will be enough to drive you anywhere in the island. In addition our representative will be willing to guide you to the nearest petrol station.

Option 2: Collect Full & Return Empty
The client has to pay locally for the initial tank of fuel. The car should then be returned with the tank as empty as possible, since there is no refund for unused fuel.

Our Responsibilities :

Auto Moto Sport is not responsible for any accidents.

It is agreed and understood that neither Auto Moto Sport nor it’s agents are the guardians of any customer safety and that we, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the rental which might result in injury, death or other damage to the customer, his property or his family heirs or assigns.

Motorcycle will begin the rental period with new or near new consumables .

Complaints :

Should a participant feel that Auto Moto Sport have not met their obligations it should first be brought to the attention of a representative of Auto Moto Sport by phone, if during a rental period, so that corrective action can be taken if possible. If however, the participant is not completely satisfied, any further comments should be put in writing, within 14 days of your return, specifying the rental period and nature of the complaint to:

Your complaint will be investigated, and responded to in the first instance within 14 days by email. Failure to follow the procedure set out in this clause may affect ours and the applicable supplier’s ability to investigate your complaint, and will affect your rights under this contract.

Jurisdiction :

The contract and all matters arising from it are subject to Greek law and the jurisdiction of the Greek courts. In the event that any of the provisions of this contract will be determined by any court to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent then such provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining provisions of the contract, which will continue to be valid .

All these terms are valid after the signature of the rental agreement.

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